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My List For 2009

Published on Dec. 30, 2008 at midnight by XC

I don’t see the point of having a single new year ‘resolution’. I’d rather list a bunch of stuff that I’d like to accomplish both professionally and personally .. so here’s my list broken down as such:


C++ is here to stay, its not going to go away, I may as well get used to using it.
Broaden my Python and start with Objective CAML
Spend more time with Linux KVM.
Spend more time with GDB, I use only 1/5 of what it offers
Speak Flex/Bison natively
Finally write those PHP extensions I’ve been toying with
Really (really) use autoconf as it was intended, this requires a few weeks with M4


Balance work and family life much better
Stop being such a pack rat
Bathe more frequently without being prodded
Find some place to teach, even for no pay
Finally become somewhat fluent in Tagalog
Try more foods even if I think they are gross, though I have eaten soup #5 (bull scrotum soup)
Cook more
Write more
Start and maintain a photo journal blog instead of letting my camera collect dust.

That should be manageable. If I quit smoking, I’m just not going to tell anyone .. or everyone will ask “How are you doing with your smoking?”, which prevents me from ignoring nicotine cravings.

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Down Time And Updates

Published on Oct. 28, 2008 at midnight by XC

I’ve recently completed a rather hasty migration of the server that houses this blog, my primary e-mail and all of the source code repositories.

Everything should be back to normal now, please let me know if something that you need is not working. In the coming week, I’m going to be diversifying things a bit more, at the minimum the code repositories (and possibly more) will be heading to their own server.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Odd Delays With G-Mail

Published on Oct. 7, 2008 at midnight by XC

I’ve been experiencing some odd delays with my G-Mail account, some messages have been arriving almost 2 days late. I’m sure this is something that will be fixed soon.

In the meantime, I have set up a temporary address on this domain:


Note, if you already have my regular address @echoreply, just continue to use it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Monkey + Typewriter

Published on Aug. 8, 2008 at midnight by XC

A few people have asked me if my signature was inspired by code monkey. No, while I love and enjoy Jonathan’s creativity my signature dates back to the early 90′s.

When using Waffle BBS, if you typed something incorrectly you would see:

Monkey + Typewriter = (whatever you typed)

If you do not remember the early 90′s, get a monkey and a typewriter. Sit both down and watch what happens. Caution, exposing a monkey to a typewriter might be construed as animal cruelty in this day and age.

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Whoopsie :)

Published on Nov. 11, 2007 at midnight by XC

While trying to get the kinks worked out of an automated database backup system based on ext3cow working, I accidentally broke the database that feeds this blog.

No big tradgedy, one post and about 100 spam comments in the akismet queue are now linked to that big inode in the sky. Fortunately, I had just pulled a backup an hour prior.

If you stumble across anything obviously broken, an e-mail to tinkertim@gmail.com would be appreciated

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Echoreply Is Nofollow Free :)

Published on Oct. 31, 2007 at midnight by XC

Since I have done quite a bit of hacking and tinkering on my WP code base, getting certain plug-ins working can be a bit of a chore. I’ve installed nofollow-free and it seems to be working rather well.

Because I’ve changed many things in how my theme works, the pretty blue band at the top corner won’t be shown. I have, however updated the comment field.

Now, links that you leave in comments will be followed by search engine spiders. Should you find a problem, or a case where the plug in is not working correctly feel free to e-mail me at tinkertim@gmail.com.

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Some Major Surgery Today :)

Published on Oct. 19, 2007 at midnight by XC

I’ve upgraded this blog to the latest version of WordPress, installed (and use) tags, then tagged every post in the archive (that took work).

Neat stuff you can do:

Click on any tag to find posts related to the tag
Browse stuff to read by topic (in the column to your right) labeled “Read By Description”

I also got rid of the external statistics counters because they were really slowing down page loads.

Should you find any bugs, errors or mis-tagging, please report your find to tinkertim@gmail.com

Happy reading

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