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What I Think Of Assange

Published on Dec. 9, 2010 at midnight by XC

At this point, my thoughts most likely dwindle on becoming obsolete, but I’ll post them anyway.

When a sensational glob of information is posted, I’m thrown back to the Nixon era. George Wiley is technically my uncle, though, unfortunately he met his demise long before our familial relationship began. When I hear the word “scandal”, I expect that a hard working journalist has devoted a significant amount of their life, despite personal loss, to uncovering something that has value beyond sensation and shock. This sort of devotion demands a level and understanding of ethics that is far superior to the person(s) named in the report, no? Nixon had a ‘hit list’ and my uncle did meet his death under rather curious circumstances. I’m not beyond the scope of conspiracy, but it was a boating accident.

I then look at the leaked cables that are reported in the news, it is quite difficult to avoid them. Aside from a very few that make me (as a US citizen) wonder if we’re doing fair business around the world, I see nothing short of an episode of Jerry Springer coming to light while delighting media outlets that profit from sensationalism and the subsequent page views. I also see a man who was, until recently in hiding to avoid charges pressed against him, determined at all costs to embarrass as many people as possible while under “journalistic” oversight.

I’m sure that you’re all interested in knowing the cause of the fight that is so vehemently fought by your neighbors that live above or beside you, but is that information actually useful? What can you do with 99.9 % of the information leaked by the release of conversations that took place with a reasonable expectation of privacy? Where can I find the context of each cable so that I’m not immediately encouraged to become angry and donate?

What Assange has done is made life effectively miserable for any US expat. The leaks will continue over months, and I can’t wait until there isn’t a country that I can’t visit that boasts the most hostility to US citizens because Assange effectively, without purpose and WITH JOURNALISTIC GUIDANCE turned trivial but sensational bytes into personal fame. I would truly love to mount a camera and microphone to him, so that we can see his day to day interactions while being encouraged to judge them.

You might tell your best friend “That guy is an ass hole” while being completely polite to the “ass hole” in question. These leaks violate one of America’s strongest selling points, our citizens (be they officials or homeless) HAVE A REASONABLE EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY AND SHOULD FEEL FREE TO SPEAK FREELY WHEN THAT IS ESTABLISHED. Did Assange uncover a crime in progress, or one about to be committed? No. Do ‘leaks’ that only cause anger and embarrassment help anything? No. Does consulting with agencies that derive their income from sensationalism white wash your commitment to common sense? No. Does antagonizing someone else ever solve a problem? Not if you are smart. Fortunately, I’m not hoping to solve anything in this rant, I’m just expressing an opinion.

I consider Assange to be a self serving, misguided and alarmingly intelligent egotistical jackass. Thank you Julian, for ensuring that I’m looked upon with hate, skepticism and blindly stupid precognition no matter what country I visit in the months to come. You have ensured, through your sophomoric and indiscriminate temper tantrums that anyone with a US passport will be treated differently. What have I ever done to you?

Julian, if a time ever comes where I find prudence in thanking you for what you did, I’ll eat every word that I just wrote. Until then, thanks for ensuring that rocks are thrown at me. Or, am I the collateral damage that you so vehemently ‘report’?

You should have stuck to file systems.