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Fit Jeans Challenge

Published on Sept. 3, 2015 at midnight by XC

Hey Everyone,

Hope your week is going well. Thank you all so much support about the changes for Tailored Fitness. So many of you have shared encouragement for me in this next season and how Tailored Fitness has impacted you over the past few years. As promised, I don’t plan to disappear on you, so I wanted to pop in with an idea for staying active this fall.

It’s been so fun browsing social media and seeing all the First Day of School photos over the past couple weeks. Although the weather here doesn’t feel like fall yet, the back to school vibe is in full swing. Fall is kind of like a 2nd New Year’s and a perfect time to get back to the goals and priorities that are important to you.

If exercise is one of them, I wanted to remind you that last year’s Fit Jeans Challenge is still available for you on our YouTube Channel. As a reminder, it’s a 28 day program of short workouts (less than 20 minutes) that are designed to help you feel great in your jeans this fall.

Here’s the schedule of workouts and nutrition challenges if you want to follow the program:
Before you start, try on a pair of jeans that is too small. Snap a picture and note how you feel. Then try them on again at the end of the challenge. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what just 20 minute workouts can do for you!

Week 1

Monday – Fall Into Fitness
Tuesday – Amazing Arms
Wednesday – A DTR with Food
Thursday – Skinny Jeans Workout
Friday – Kicks & Core
Saturday – Get active with family or friends (ie: Run, bike ride, hike)
Sunday – Rest

Week 2

Monday – Arms 4 Autumn
Tuesday – Thighs & Abs
Wednesday – Practice Portion Control
Thursday – Strong in September
Friday – LEAF it all on the Floor
Saturday – Get active with family or friends (ie: Run, bike ride, hike)
Sunday – Rest

Week 3

Monday – Terrific Tabata
Tuesday – ARM Yourself
Wednesday – The Power of a Food Journal
Thursday – Bootylicious
Friday – Strong is the new Skinny
Saturday – Get active with family or friends (ie: Run, bike ride, hike)
Sunday – Rest

Week 4

Monday – Cardio Barre
Tuesday – ROCKtober
Wednesday – Snack Packs…not just for kids
Thursday – Pumpkins & Push-ups
Friday – Finish Line!
Saturday – Get active! Here’s an outdoor interval workout you can try.
Sunday – You made it! Try on those jeans and reflect on the changes you’ve made over the past month!

NOTE: The workout videos are just the “meat” of the workout, so you may want to add a Warm Up or Cool Down video to your workouts as well.

The feedback from the challenge last year was amazing, so I know these workouts get results! If you love them, remember that you can find lots more on our free app where you can browse and find your perfect workout.

Have a fabulous week ladies and I’ll be back again soon, hopefully with some baby news! We’ve got just 3 more weeks.