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Journey to Post Baby Best (Round 2) -Birth & 6 week update

Published on Nov. 7, 2015 at midnight by XC

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the fall. We have been settling into life as a family of 4, with all the craziness and fun that comes along with it.

Birth and first few weeks
Some of you have asked about Capri’s arrival and I wanted to share about it here briefly. As I mentioned in my Motherhood without Judgement post, we had a scheduled c-section to bring Capri into the world. It was the safer route for both of us and it certainly was nice to be able to plan for her arrival and know which day she would be here.
The whole experience was so different than with Sienna. As we got checked into the hospital and they prepped me for surgery, I just couldn’t believe we would be meeting our sweet girl in a matter of minutes! I was actually having some mild contractions that morning, which gave me confidence that we had scheduled it at the right time.

The c-section was so smooth! It was strange because for us, the moment was so exciting and monumental, but for everyone else in the operating room, it was just another day at work. The doctors were discussing their vacation plans as they cut me open and pulled out Capri. It was strangely comforting to know they were so comfortable with what they were doing. It was also so nice to be fully present to experience the birth (as opposed to last time when I had been in labor for 30 hours).

Before I knew it sweet Capri was here! They held her to my cheek for a little skin to skin since I couldn’t hold her right away. Once we got to recovery, I started feeling a little sick as the anesthesia worked its way out of my body. But soon, I was feeling better and overall, I felt so much stronger this time.

Later that day, Sienna came with my parents to meet Capri and my heart melted as I watched the sisters meet for the first time. I grew up with a little sister and we are still so close. I’m so excited for our girls to grow up and experience the wonderful bond of sisterhood.

My recovery this time around was so much easier than with Sienna since I didn’t have to go through labor before the c-section. By the next day, I was moving around a lot and feeling stronger. And on the 3rd day, we got to go home.
Journey to Post Baby Best

After having Sienna, I loved putting together the Journey to Post Baby Best series. I enjoyed getting to share what a real woman’s journey looked like as opposed to the typical dramatic weight loss stories we see in the media. Plus, it kept me motivated to keep working at it knowing that I would be accountable to all of you to share my progress. I’d love to do the same this time, so without further ado, here’s the first post in my 2nd Journey to find my post baby best.

Just a note, I’m choosing to share this to be an encouragement, but keep in mind that all of our journey’s are very different.

6 week stats
– Pre-pregnancy weight: 125

– End of pregnancy weight: 150

– 6 week weight: 131.5

– How clothes my are fitting: My pants are tight in the thighs and around my waist, but I can get a few pre-pregnancy jeans on (hooray)!

End of Pregnancy
6 weeks Postpartum
(Tank top by Ray of Light Designs, pants by Athleta)

I still definitely have a pooch and my abs feel quite weak. I have a lot of muscle tone to regain and although the scale says about 7 pounds to go, it’s actually more since the same volume of muscle is heavier than fat. But overall, I am making progress!

I gave myself the full 6 weeks of rest as recommended by my doctor. My workouts over the past 6 weeks have consisted of walks. Luckily we live near lots of hills, so I am able to get my heart rate up, especially pushing the double stroller! I also started some gentle core work to help me reconnect with my abs. The cat/cow exercise has been my go to exercise both for connecting with the core as well as stretching out my lower back.

I’m not worried about limiting eating right now. I’m nursing and I’m listening to my body’s hunger cues. I’ve found when I’m nursing that eating lots of healthy fats helps to keep my milk supply up, so I’ve been incorporating lots of nuts and avocado. Capri is dealing with some fussiness due to tummy trouble, so I’ve been cutting out dairy and gluten to try to help. At first this was really hard, but I’m getting the hang of it now. Keep an eye out for a post soon with some of my new favorite recipes that are both gluten and dairy free.

Now that I have clearance from my doctor, I’m going to begin ramping up my workouts. I plan to follow the Body after Baby Program – Phase 1, along with some barre workouts. I think the combination of these two will progress me towards my goals. The Body after Baby workouts have the perfect combo of cardio and strength work to help me continue to lose the baby weight. And the barre workouts are focused on the core and will help me regain core strength.

It’s going to be tougher this time around to squeeze in workouts with two kids, but I am sure I will figure out a new routine. My workouts may just be shorter and more interrupted! Life as a mom is always changing, so finding ways to find time to exercise is a survival skill if I want to live a healthy lifestyle. Any other moms of multiple kids have tips for me? I’d love to hear them!

Have a great week and I’ll check in again soon!