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Tailored Fitness
Simple Home Workouts for Moms

My new favorite Workout Tanks

Published on Nov. 11, 2015 at midnight by XC

If you came to my house and looked in my closet you’d probably laugh because I have about 3 times as many workout clothes as regular clothes. I just love active wear and it’s so practical for my life as a mom.

In fact, my workout outfits are often more stylish and put together than my regular outfits. There’s just something about putting on a workout outfit I love that makes my workout feel better!

I’m always on the look for new brands that I love. Some of my favorites are Athleta (of course) and Beyond Yoga. And my new favorite brand for workout tanks is Ray of Light Designs. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve gotten a sneak peak of me (and my mom and sister) sporting some of their designs.

Ray of Light Designs was started by my mom’s best friend, Kim. She and her son, a high school senior, have worked together to develop the brand and designs. Isn’t that awesome mother/son bonding?! They wanted to create faith inspired active wear that was stylish and comfortable and I think they hit the nail on the head!

I’m big on having physical reminders around of what’s important to me. My home is covered with inspirational prints and photos of the people I love.

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My word for 2015

Published on Jan. 18, 2015 at midnight by XC

Most people make a long list of resolutions each January, the majority of which get forgotten before the month is even over.

This January, our church encouraged us to pray about just one word we would focus in the new year. One simple word that represented what God wanted for us in 2015.

I’ve spent the last few weeks praying, reading the Bible, and talking with others to determine my word and I want to share it with you all here. After all, have accountability is an important part of this journey, so when you see me, feel free to ask how I am doing.

This is my word for 2015…

The word comes from Psalms 37:4, which says “Delight yourself in the Lord….”
To delight in someone means to experience great pleasure and joy in his/her presence.

The truth is that I don’t think I am really good at delighting in anyone or anything. My default personality is to worry, to be so consumed with the to-do list that life passes me by. Living this way steals my joy and keeps me from enjoying the journey because I am consumed with the details of getting to the destination.

Recently, God has been teaching me to live a different way:

First, he blessed us with Sienna. She is my best teacher for how to delight. She lives fully in the here and now and she delights in everything! From a butterfly in the backyard to a Cheerio she finds in her carseat, she delights in it all.

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Merry Christmas!

Published on Dec. 25, 2014 at midnight by XC

Although I couldn’t get Christmas cards out to each one of your homes, I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas! You are all like family to me and I am grateful each day for your support and encouragement!

Here’s to closing a fabulous year and on to an exciting 2015! Starting with our #Lean&Clean2015; Challenge!

(Photos by Megan Ann Photography)

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Christmas Carols are Crazy

Published on Dec. 4, 2014 at midnight by XC

I’ve been enjoying Christmas music this past few weeks, but couldn’t help but be reminded of a blog post my sister wrote a couple years back about how funny some of our traditional Christmas carols are. I am posting it here for your amusement!

Christmas Carols are Crazy!
By Rebecca Duckworth

So, I spent this Christmas season harmonizing with a professional caroling group in San Diego called The Tinseltones, and I had an absolute blast! Singing in gorgeous vintage hotels, in the middle of ritzy malls and at private parties for rich businessmen, it was awesome.
And though I’ve caroled professionally before (read: had to memorize all of the lyrics and harmonies to every Christmas song ever written before), this year the lyrics to some very classic Christmas songs stood out to me in a new way (after the 200th rendition of the thrilling three-note-alto-part song “Little Drummer Boy”, can you really blame my mind for wandering a bit? I didn’t think so.). So, without further ado I bring to you, not gold, frankincense or myrrh, but 4 of the most bizarre lyrics in Christmas Carol history:

Little Drummer Boy
“Shall I play for him?

Ba rum pa pum pum…

Mary nodded.

Ba rum pa pum pum

The ox and lamb kept time”

Woah, woah woah. Since when is it a good idea to play percussion for an infant?? Have you ever met an infant? Let’s calm this screaming baby down…what do I need for that? I know! The loudest instrument ever created!! Mary.

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Made Market: San Diego’s Newest Holiday Craft Fair

Published on Nov. 5, 2014 at midnight by XC

Hi Ladies!

For all of you who live in the San Diego area, I wanted to let you know about a really awesome craft fair that my church is putting on in a couple weeks. I will be there with a Tailored Fitness table and tips for a healthy holiday season and would love to chat with anyone who can pop by. Here’s the scoop:

What: Made Market is a craft fair featuring local San Diego vendors.

When: November 22 from 10am to 4pm

Where: Existence Church – 7686 Miramar Road, San Diego 92126
Why: It will be a fabulous place to pick up some unique Christmas gifts! And of course to come chat with me! I love getting to see my clients in person! The craft fair is also a fundraiser for the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at our church, a group I’ve been a part of since Sienna was born.

Sienna and I got to pretend we were models to help with the Look Book photos a few months back. It was fun because we got a sneak peak of some of the products that will be at the event. Here are a couple of my favorites:
Floral Crowns by Little Fox Flower Shop
These crowns were stunning! I loved getting to try them on and seriously, how cute does Sienna look?! Too bad we couldn’t coax a smile out of her. These crowns would be so beautiful for a wedding or even for a fun family photo shoot.

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Sweat to Street

Published on Oct. 20, 2014 at midnight by XC

Hi Ladies!

So are you loving the new updates we’ve been making to our blog, newsletter, and social media sites to incorporate our new logo and colors? I love it! In fact I stayed up way to late this weekend working on things. It’s good to love what you do. And it’s just the beginning to some exciting updates we have coming your way soon.

Quick reminder for our members, our Halloween class begins next Monday, so grab your spot

Our Pinterest Challenge is half way done, but it’s not too late to join in! Just follow our
Sweat to Street Clothes
Ever since I was introduced to Chi Chi Active and their fitness line that mixes with your street wear, I’ve been playing around with lots of ways to take my workout wear from SWEAT to STREET. In fact I wore this outfit last weekend and it was the perfect stylish, yet comfy fall outfit.

{Leggings from Chi Chi Active, Long black tank from The Closet, Striped cardigan a hand me down from a friend}

On Thursday, my husband and I got to go on a long-overdue date night. It’s so important for me as a mom to remember I am a wife first. I want to work on wearing my “wife hat” more often and being intentional about planning time with my hubby. The date was a blast: dinner at Seasons 52 and a little shopping at the mall.

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One Tip for Smarter Shopping and Buying

Published on Oct. 10, 2014 at midnight by XC

Hi Everyone! Conni here again from Art in the Find for our fourth Friday of style!

Style Tips or Smarter Shopping || We’ve all been there before (or at least if you’re female, you breath air, and you like to shop…..you’ve been there): We’re in the store and we see something that we absolutely have to have! You may not have been actually searching for that thing but you saw it and now you want it. (Guilty as charged.) It may be that fabulous carmel colored fringe jacket, that amazing pair of patent leather heels, or the most perfect cream colored sequin dress. You want it, you absolutely have to have it. And you buy it! Y.E.S.! It’s mine! you think with such delight. And you get that fabulously happy flood of emotion I call a “shopper’s high”.
And then you get home. You put said shopper’s high ‘fashion trophy’ in your room, perhaps on display in your closet. Time passes, it’s sitting. waiting. begging. for you to wear it for the next fabulous or casual thing you’re doing. But for some reason said ‘fashion trophy’ doesn’t get worn. Frustration sets in…You realize that you purchased this fabulous thing that you absolutely loved in the store and had to have but when you get it home you have no idea how to wear it!

Does this happen to you? Oh, you better believe it happens to me now and again, too.

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3 Tips for Organizing Your Closet for Fall

Published on Oct. 2, 2014 at midnight by XC

Happy Friday Everyone! It’s Conni from Art in the Find back with more style tips for your fall closet! We’re in our third week of the #FitJeansChallenge and the struggles (ugh, those workouts!) and successes (oh, the results!) have certainly been good for my mind and body!

Not only do you need to stay physically healthy but your closet should look that way too. Imagine a closet organized by color and season. How good would that feel? This Friday we’re talking about 3 Tips to get that closet of yours organized.

My closet is a place of constant evolution, in that I am always changing things up, re-organizing, and editing what’s inside. Despite the constant change, there are a few things that have always remained constant and those are the three tips I’m going to give you today! They are easy, helpful, and make my life a whole lot easier, so I’m excited to share them with you.

Closet Tip #1: Let’s start with hangers. Those nifty little doo-dads that help keep everything off the floor and in your closet. Let’s face it, women are a lot more connected to hangers, as per experience, my husband rarely uses them! Even so, very good hangers in our closet (my clothes overtake the closet, so by our, I really mean my..) we ( I ) will have.

Two of my favorite types of hangers are 1) huggable felt hanger for almost everything and 2) wooden hangers for larger, heavier items like jackets & blazers.

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3 Tips for A Casual Date Night Outfit

Published on Sept. 26, 2014 at midnight by XC

Just in time for the weekend, Conni from Art in the Find is back to share tips to create the perfect date night outfit!

​Sometimes it’s great to be comfortable. Sometimes it’s a random Tuesday or Friday and you (or your spouse) get home later than originally planned but you still wanna go out and grab a bite to eat. You don’t want to look like a complete slob but you don’t want to get all dolled up either. Oh, humdrum conundrum. There are plenty of times where I feel like this. Sorry ladies, I don’t traipse around in my tool skirts and stilettos all the live-long-day….Do you?

When it’s one of those nights and you still wanna look cute, here are 3 simple ways to create a perfect feel good-comfortable outfit!

3 Great Tips for a Casual Date Night Look

Tip 1: Throw on a great (shiny) piece of jewelry- there it is, the magic. We all have a piece of jewelry that we put on that makes us feel slightly more pretty than usual. Go on, think about it. What’s yours?

Tip 2: Grab a fab bag- Bags are more than just a thing you grab these days. Admit it ladies, sometimes we go over budget on a bag, right? Why? Because it says a lot about you, your personality, and it shows your sense of style. One easy way to jazz up your outfit is to grab a fabulous looking bag and throw your essentials into it.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Tailored Fitness!

Published on Sept. 23, 2014 at midnight by XC

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was 8 months pregnant, sitting on a roll of carpet in our kitchen with my laptop. We were getting new carpet and the kitchen was the only tile area where I could stay out of the way. I checked all the details for the millionth time, took a deep breath, and pressed send.

With the click of a button, an email went out to all my friends and family announcing the launch of Tailored Fitness, my brand new fitness company. Though it had been in the works for over a year, I hadn’t told many people about what I was up to because I didn’t want to have to explain what happened if it failed before we even launched it. Most people thought I was a little insane to launch a new company a month before my first baby was due, but I knew it was now or never.

Starting a business was the scariest thing I have ever done. If you had told me 3 years ago that I would be an entrepreneur, I would have laughed and you and said no way. You see, there are two things about me that made it extra scary to start a business. Things I have had to learn to deal with so I can move forward and do brave things.
1) I am a Perfectionist – A perfectionist is defined as a person striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards, accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others’ evaluations. Yes, that sounds just like me.

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