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Simple Home Workouts for Moms

Learning to Slow Down

Published on Feb. 17, 2016 at midnight by XC

If there is one thing I’ve learned so far about being a mom of two it’s the value of slowing down. I find it’s the days when I don’t have an agenda and when I’m not in a rush that I enjoy the most.

Like this morning…our plans got cancelled last minute and suddenly I had a morning open to do whatever we wanted. The sunshine was calling me, so we headed to Torrey Pines beach for a walk.

It was really simple, we just strolled along the beach looking at rocks and watching the birds. We didn’t walk far or fast. I just let Sienna lead the pace. It was slow, we stopped a lot and we soaked in the sunshine.

Before having kids, I would have seen the walk as a waste because I didn’t get sweaty or burn lots of calories. I figured if you were going to walk, you mine as well walk fast and make it worth your while. But since then, I have come to appreciate slowing down. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is fascinating and I realized how many little things I would have walked right by.

Like these rocks. We sat and looked at rocks for a solid 5 minutes! Every one was unique and beautiful.

Sienna and I picked them up one by one and studied them. Then she would proceed to show the rock to Capri and to her stuffed dog.

Journey to Post Baby Best (Round 2) – 4 month update

Published on Jan. 19, 2016 at midnight by XC

Hey Everyone! Hope your new year is off to a great start. Can you believe January is almost over? I wanted to pop in to share with you how my journey to post baby best is going this time around. (If you missed my 6 week update you can read it here.)

By the way, I am also on my dear friend Jessica’s podcast today talking about getting my body back post baby! Check it out
Capri will be 4 months old a week from today and she’s just the sweetest! We love her little easy going personality. She just smiles and laughs at whoever will look at her. And big sister Sienna is doing just awesome! She is Capri’s favorite entertainment and I love seeing their bond as sisters begin to form.

I am continuing to make progress towards finding my post baby best, here’s where I am at.

Pre-pregnancy: 125 pounds
End of pregnancy: 150 pounds
6 weeks: 131.5 pounds
16 weeks: 123 pounds

(Tank top by

Pilates – I love how pilates helps you rebuild your core strength. There is a studio called Core 40 near my house that offers 40 minutes classes on the pilates reformer machine and they are killer! I haven’t been able to go as often as I’d like, but I love it when I can.


I think the majority of my results over the past few months has been due to eating well.

Diastasis Recti – What you need to know

Published on Nov. 9, 2015 at midnight by XC

Hi Ladies,

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately from friends who have had babies and are dealing with a separation in their abs, which is officially called Diastasis Recti.

It’s a fairly common problem, but it can be super frustrating because it can slow your progress of getting back into shape postpartum and getting a flat stomach.

Today I am going to give you some basic info about how to determine if you have diastatis recti and how to remedy it. To do so, I’ve created two quick videos for you:

First, here’s how to find out if you have Diastasis Recti and some basic info on what to do.

Next, a 5 minute workout video designed specifically for closing the gap!

If you find these videos helpful, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more!

Journey to Post Baby Best (Round 2) -Birth & 6 week update

Published on Nov. 7, 2015 at midnight by XC

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the fall. We have been settling into life as a family of 4, with all the craziness and fun that comes along with it.

Birth and first few weeks
Some of you have asked about Capri’s arrival and I wanted to share about it here briefly. As I mentioned in my Motherhood without Judgement post, we had a scheduled c-section to bring Capri into the world. It was the safer route for both of us and it certainly was nice to be able to plan for her arrival and know which day she would be here.
The whole experience was so different than with Sienna. As we got checked into the hospital and they prepped me for surgery, I just couldn’t believe we would be meeting our sweet girl in a matter of minutes! I was actually having some mild contractions that morning, which gave me confidence that we had scheduled it at the right time.

The c-section was so smooth! It was strange because for us, the moment was so exciting and monumental, but for everyone else in the operating room, it was just another day at work. The doctors were discussing their vacation plans as they cut me open and pulled out Capri. It was strangely comforting to know they were so comfortable with what they were doing. It was also so nice to be fully present to experience the birth (as opposed to last time when I had been in labor for 30 hours).

Tips for a Fit 3rd Trimester

Published on Aug. 17, 2015 at midnight by XC

Hey Ladies! Hope your Monday is off to a great start. Today I am here to share some of my tips for a Fit 3rd Trimester. I hope those of you who are expecting find this helpful and feel free to share this post with a friend who’s expecting. In case you missed them, here are my tips for 1st and 2nd trimester as well.

I’ll be 34 weeks tomorrow, so I am well into my 3rd trimester now and want to share some ways I am striving to stay fit as my delivered date gets closer.
1) I am staying hydrated – This is especially important since I am pregnant during the summer, but staying hydrated helps you anytime of year. Muscle cramps, especially charlie horse cramps in your calves at night, are much more prevalent during 3rd trimester and staying hydrated can help you avoid them. Braxton Hicks contractions (pain free tightening of your uterus) can also be more common when you are dehydrated. I’m keeping a water bottle nearby to remind myself to drink lots of water. Yes, that equals lots of bathroom trips, but it just comes with the territory in your 3rd trimester.

2) I am staying active, but resting as needed – As your body gets bigger, your workouts will probably change yet again. I am now doing all low impact exercise (i.e.: no jumping) because that’s what feels best. Lots of walks, pilates, barre, and strength workouts. My workouts tend to be a little shorter now (30 minutes or so) and I take brakes as needed.

Motherhood without Judgement

Published on July 27, 2015 at midnight by XC

I hope you’ll give me permission to go a little off topic today. It’s certainly not a new topic of discussion, but it’s one I have faced head-on lately and I want to share my thoughts.

Being a mother is an incredible blessing, but let’s be honest it can be quite confusing. Long before your baby is even born, you are faced with a myriad of decisions about motherhood. From how you will bring your baby into this world (drug free, natural, c-section), to how you will feed your baby (nursing, formula, both), to how your baby will sleep (co-sleeping, crib, bassinet), to whether you will work (stay at home, work at home, working mom). And truly that’s just the beginning!

I have always hated making decisions. I’m a recovering perfectionist and I often end up with analysis paralysis as I try to decide what the “right” choice is and now that I’m a mom, I now not only have to make those decisions for myself, but for my daughter as well. And to be honest, there are a lot of times as a mom that I’m not 100% confident in my decisions. There’s a lot of trial and error in motherhood and I think if we are all honest with each other, we are all just trying our best to figure out this motherhood thing.

I think the insecurity that many of us feel about our mothering decisions sometimes makes us defensive and judgmental.

Pre/postnatal Core Video

Published on July 13, 2015 at midnight by XC

Happy Monday Ladies! Hope your weekend was great. We are in full house project mode over here. After 2 years we finally have furniture in our front room!
Now people won’t come to the front door and ask if we just moved in because the room is totally empty. A big thanks to my husband’s cousin for her awesome interior design advice to help us create a room that’s pretty and functional. It works as an entryway, playroom, workout room, and sitting room all while looking great! You’ll probably get an up close look in the next videos I film.

Today I want to share a 5 minute core video with you that is designed specifically for during pregnancy and to ease back into core work postpartum.

During this pregnancy, I have been working my core differently than the first time around. I have been doing a lot more pilates and barre inspired moves that focus on the transverse abdominis and I’ve noticed a big difference in how strong my core has stayed. From a practical standpoint, this has meant no back pain and better balance even as my belly grown in my third trimester.

The transverse abdominis is the deep core muscle that wraps around your core like a corset. This is the perfect one to work during pregnancy because your 6 pack abs (rectus abdominis) gets stretched out during pregnancy and doesn’t function well.

Tips for a Fit 2nd Trimester

Published on June 22, 2015 at midnight by XC

Hi Ladies!

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in our #TFplank challenge last week. I LOVED seeing all your posts. In case you missed it, you can see the details here and start whenever you are ready!

I wanted to pop in and give you a pregnancy update. Many of you have been so kind to ask how I am feeling. I am 25 weeks along now and well into my 2nd trimester. I am feeling so much better and really enjoying this part of my pregnancy. I want to share a few of the ways I am striving to stay fit during the 2nd Trimester for any of you other expecting ladies! (Here’s the post about Tips for a Fit 1st Trimester in case you missed it)

1. I am eating healthier

During my first trimester, I dealt with some nausea and some days just had to eat what I could keep down, even if that meant crackers and bread. Once I hit 15 weeks, I started to feel better and was able to get back to eating the way I normally do.
My food aversions are pretty much gone and I haven’t had too many crazy cravings. During first trimester, I couldn’t handle fish, a healthy food that I normally love, and now I am back to making fish at least once a week to get in those healthy omega 3 fatty acids. This is one of my favorite salmon recipes!

I am still following the hunger rule and I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. Some days I eat more than others, but that’s normal as the baby goes through growth spurts.

2. My workouts focus on strength

As my energy has been coming back, I have gotten back into working out consistently. There were just some days during first trimester when I needed a nap more than a workout. But I am feeling more energetic now and have been shooting for 4 to 5 days a week for 30-45 minutes each session.

My workouts have consisted mostly of strength training. I know from my last pregnancy that maintaining as much muscle tone as I can will help me avoid aches and pains during pregnancy and help me bounce back quicker afterwards.

I usually just open up the app and browse the Specialty Workouts section for 2nd Trimester workouts and then look for the ones that focus on strength. I’ve also been repeating some of the workouts from our recent Baby Bump Fitness Challenge.

For cardio, I have been hitting the hills in my neighborhood for walks. Sadly, this time around running hasn’t felt great for me, so I have been sticking to walking, but I am still work up a good sweat with the hills we have.

Finally, I have been taking one Barre class a week. I like the way that barre focuses on core stabilization work and also the way up keeps my booty and legs toned. Plus, I always try to keep learning and challenging myself so I can bring you ladies fresh things in our Tailored Fitness workouts.

3. I am still avoiding the scale

As I shared in my first trimester tips, I decided to pack up my scale during this pregnancy and it has helped a lot not to see that number climb and worry about how much weight I had gained. They still weigh me at the doctors office and I just look away. I know they will tell me if I am gaining to little or too much, so I just let them take care of that.

When am pregnant, my body just goes into autopilot. It gains weight when it wants and where it wants and I really don’t have much control over it. I am just doing my best to eat well and stay active so I can be healthy, but I am trusting my body to do what God designed it to, support a baby!

Sometimes this feeling of not being in control is frustrating. The pattern I have noticed is that I gain weight all over in the first and second trimester and in the 3rd trimester, that extra weight I gain helps the baby have what it needs when it puts on weight during the third trimester. It’s sometimes hard to look in the mirror and see that my arms and legs are thicker than I’d like.

Our culture portrays the idea that you should be “all belly” and not gain any extra weight, but that’s not how it works for most of us. I am still learning to embrace my curves and softer side and celebrate that it means I am growing a life.

3. I am finding clothes that make me feel good

To go along with #2, I am working harder this time to find maternity clothes that make me feel great. When I’m already struggling a bit with how I look, having clothes that fit me well and highlight what I like really helps.

I have a couple awesome friends who have blessed me with some hand-me-downs and I have also picked up a couple new things, but I have been pickier this time around. Here are my rules for buying something new right now:

1) Does it make me feel great when it put it on?

2) Is it practical for my everyday life as a mom?

3) Can I wear it during AND after pregnancy?

4) Is it nursing friendly?

I have found 2 great dresses recently that meet all these qualifications and I have been enjoying wearing them.

This blue dress is from Athleta, which you all know I love. It’s not maternity, but the ruching around the waist makes it great for pregnancy. It will be flattering afterwards as well and the buttons down the front will make nursing feasible. Plus, it’s my favorite color.

I also picked up this dress from Boob Design. It’s nice and stretchy for pregnancy, but will be super cute afterwards as well. Best of all, it has 2 layers up top, which allows for easy nursing access. Thanks to my friend Natalie for her blog post that introduced me to it.

Thanks for walking with me through this pregnancy and for all your support and encouragement. We can’t wait to meet this sweet baby girl come September and with each kick I feel, I just get more excited! Hope you ladies have a wonderful week.

We’re having a…

Published on May 11, 2015 at midnight by XC

Last week we found out that we will be welcoming another sweet baby girl into our family. We are thrilled and I am so excited for Sienna to have a sister. I loved having a sister growing up and I think there is something pretty special and unique about the relationship between sisters, so I am excited for Sienna and this new baby to experience it.

I am 20 weeks now and feeling so much better than during my first trimester. The nausea is gone and my energy, though still not high, is better. I have been focusing on strength workouts lately and loved the recent Baby Bump Fitness Challenge. I will definitely be repeating a lot of those workouts as my pregnancy progresses.

I finally have a definable bump and have been enjoying feeling the first kicks and flutters. Pregnancy is such a miracle! Thanks to you all for your support and encouragement on this journey.

Adjusting Expectations

Published on April 20, 2015 at midnight by XC

Hey Ladies!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. We had a blast hanging with my brother and sister in law and their two kids. Sienna was loving some cousin time!

Today I want to chat about something that’s been on my mind these past few months. There are some seasons in life when you are not progressing in your fitness, but rather maintaining the status quo. Pregnancy is one of those times and it can also be the case when you are recovering from a major illness or injury, like it was for my mom when she was going through chemo and recovering from cancer.
Most of us measure our progress based on the results we are seeing. Are our clothes fitting better? Are we more toned? Is the scale changing? Do we have more cardio endurance or strength? But none of those measure really work during times of maintenance like recovery or pregnancy.

This is where I have been for the past few months. Discouraged as I work hard, but don’t see progress. Pregnancy for me brings up insecurities with my body and reminds me that I still have things to work through with finding my identity and worth in who I am, not what I look like. It’s especially tough during the first part of pregnancy because my body tends to gain most of the weight during the first few months (all over) and then during the last few months when the baby grows bigger, I tend to lean out.