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Tailored Fitness
Simple Home Workouts for Moms

Meet TF Member Katie

Published on April 13, 2015 at midnight by XC

Hey Ladies! This week, I’d like to introduce you to Tailored Fitness member Katie, a San Diego surf-loving, super-mom of four! I love the story of how she and her little ones found a new love for exercise, and I know you will, too!

Tell me a little about yourself, what do you do for work, family, what do you do for fun?

I was born and raised in San Diego, CA. I studied physics at all the BYU campuses (Idaho, Provo, and Hawaii) I graduated from Provo with my BS and immediately came home to San Diego to work as the computer systems regional manager of southern California for American Express Financial Advisors (long title, I know). I worked until the day I delivered my first of four babies and have been home with them ever since!

I have been married to Greg for 13.5 years and we have four kids, Renae 9, Ben 7, Valerie 4, and Spencer 21 months.

I love to surf, snowboard, ski, read, travel, shop, and try new things!

Before Tailored Fitness, what were your struggles with fitting in exercise? Give us a little background on yourself in the fitness/nutrition arena.

I was always slim and active growing up and I never had a problem losing weight or staying in shape until after baby #4. I was afraid once I lost weight, I would no longer be able to breast feed (what I thought happened with all the others).

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Meet Member Kate

Published on Feb. 9, 2015 at midnight by XC

Hi Ladies,

It’s Rebecca! Tailored Fitness trainer, guest blogger, and Autumn’s little sister.

This week I am happy to introduce you to one of my favorite people: Kate Haas! I have had the pleasure of working closely with her several times (very closely, in fact: we had one incident where I almost lost a tooth and gave her a stitch-worthy gash on her head mid-show, but we finished the performance without anyone but ourselves knowing what had happened!).

Let me tell you, she is an incredibly hard worker, positive presence and super smart lady. Read on to virtually shake hands with the coolest actress in the Valley of the Sun:

1- Tell me a little about yourself, about your family, what do you do for work, and what do you do for fun.
My name is Kate Haas and I am a professional actor and teaching artist based in Tempe, Arizona. My parents and brother and sister all live in the Phoenix metro area, so we get to see each other often. Besides theatre, my interests include science, puzzles, yoga, reading, and taking care of my pet snake.

2 – Before Tailored Fitness, what were your struggles with fitting in exercise? Give me a little background on yourself in the fitness/nutrition arena.
My schedule is crazy! Sometime I work 7 days a week, sometimes I work 2 days a week. Sometimes 3 hours a day, sometimes 16 hours a day. So, I try to fit exercise and hobbies and REST in wherever I can.

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Get Fit on Your Own Time

Published on Feb. 5, 2015 at midnight by XC

Thank you so much to Lyndsay from

I thoroughly enjoyed my two months of Tailored Fitness! Like I said, I’m a busy lady, and I need something that’s quick and easy. Plus, during my first month of membership, I did not have a car. So if I had a gym membership, I wouldn’t be able to get there easily.
I love that the workouts are customizable, too! I have injuries (hip and ankle), and I enjoy yoga more than anything else. But some days, I wanted to do cardio. I was able to switch it up, and I was able to do my workouts right in my living room. It’s absolutely perfect for my lifestyle! Plus, the videos are filmed very professionally, and the women in them are great motivators!
In addition to the workouts, Tailored Fitness has a private Facebook group so you can connect with other members and share ideas. It’s really awesome having such a supportive community, especially during a transitional phase (like losing weight or getting healthy).
Want to learn more about Tailored Fitness? Check out their blog (it’s amazing), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Pinterest! And dowload their app here.

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Meet TF Member Marissa

Published on Jan. 1, 2015 at midnight by XC

I am so glad to share this post from Tailored Fitness Member Marissa that she originally posted on her blog that she and her sister write called

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